Chita Cotton Men’s Kimono Tops Waterfall


※※ Model is 171cm/5’7″ wearing size M ※※
●Measurements, after wash:
M (Length:69.5cm/27.3in, Shoulders:59cm/23.2in, Chest:118cm/46.4in, Hem:118cm/46.4in, Sleeves:32cm/12.6in)


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Product Description

Men’s kimono sleeve tops in a cool and breathable Chita cotton material. These pair well with our short pants for a relaxed outfit or our fisherman’s pants for a more traditional kimono look.
・Utilizes Owari Chita cotton that is produced since the Keicho Era (1596-1615)
・Garment designed in keeping the original widths of tenugui towels

About Chita Cotton
Chita cotton was produced in the Chita peninsula of the Aichi Prefecture during the Edo Period. Even now, Chita cotton fabric is woven by the shuttle loom created in the Meiji era. This beautiful and sturdy material is used for many articles of clothing including yukata and jinbei, as well as small items such as tenugui hand towels which have a 50cm width.

※Due to the natural texture of the Chita cotton used, dye saturation may not be even. This is intended to fully appreciate the properties of the material and not a defect.
※Due to the hand dye process, print layout and color saturation may vary, with each piece uniquely individual.
※Neps (uneven weave) naturally occur in the garment material and is not a defect.

Care Instructions

※Suggested to wash alone for first time. Wash in a mesh laundry bag on delicate cycle, cold water. Do not hand wash.
※Do not wash with white or light colored garments to avoid color transfer.
※Do not leave soaking; air dry immediately after wash.
※Do not tumble dry; air dry hanging upside down to avoid stretching the neckline.
※Color may transfer from or onto other garments through repeated rubbing contact.
※Iron indirectly with cloth or towel between iron and garment.


※※ Model is 171cm/5’7″ wearing size M ※※
●Measurements, after wash:
M (Length:69.5cm/27.3in, Shoulders:59cm/23.2in, Chest:118cm/46.4in, Hem:118cm/46.4in, Sleeves:32cm/12.6in)
L (Length:72.5cm/28.5in, Shoulders:62cm/24.4in, Chest:124cm/48.8in, Hem:124cm/48.8in, Sleeves:34.5cm/13.5in)
XL (Length:75cm/29.5in, Shoulders:65cm/25.6in, Chest:130cm/51.1in, Hem:130cm/51.1in, Sleeves:37cm/14.5in)
※Size dimensions may differ slightly from those listed above due to the nature of the material used.
※Dimensions are of garment after wash, shrinking about 5% vertically.

●Material: 100% Chita Cotton
●Printed by Nishida Dye Co.
●Manufactured by Kobayashi Shokai Co.
●Made in Japan

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05_M, 06_L, 07_XL

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