Kimono Sleeve Long Coat Italian Wool Blend Dark Navy


※※ Model is 153cm/5’2″ and wearing a Women S ※※
Women S (Length:105cm/, Shoulders:52cm/20.4in, Chest:100cm/39.3in, Hem:100cm/39.3in, Sleeves:40cm/15.7in


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Product Description

Rounded kimono sleeve long coat with a notched collar and waist tie belt.
・Made of a blend of Italian wool and fluffy pile wool
・Lining has a rubber print for an unexpected twist
・Front opening has loops that allow for waist ties (sold separately); loops at the sides of garment hold a waist tie belt for various styling
・2 side seam pockets
・Button down closure with waist tie belt

※Each piece is cut uniquely from the printed textile, with no two alike. Print placement cannot be selected.
※Garment has a noticeable scent from the rubber printing, which poses no harm to human health and will dissipate after washing and airing out.
※The rubber print surface may cling to itself when pressed and folded for extensive periods of time. Gently separate before wash and wear.
※This item is prone to pilling, especially in areas that come into rubbing contact with other items.

Care Instructions

※Always wash in a mesh laundry bag, cold water and delicate “dry clean cycle with a mild non-bleaching detergent.
※Do not leave soaking to avoid color bleeding.
※Do not wash with white or light colored garments to avoid color transfer.
※Color may rub onto or from other clothing through repeated contact.
※Size and shape may change through wash; reshape gently when hanging up or laying flat to air dry naturally.
※Do not subject rubber printed portions to abrasive wash as this may cause damage.
※Iron indirectly with a protective layer such as a towel between iron and garment.
※Do not machine tumble dry.


※※ Model is 153cm/5’2″ and wearing a Women S ※※
Women S (Length:105cm/, Shoulders:52cm/20.4in, Chest:100cm/39.3in, Hem:100cm/39.3in, Sleeves:40cm/15.7in
Women M (Length:110cm/43.3in, Shoulders:56cm/22.0in, Chest:118cm/46.4in, Hem:118cm/46.4in, Sleeves:41cm/16.1in
Women L (Length:110cm/43.3in, Shoulders:60cm/23.6in, Chest:126cm/49.6in, Hem:126cm/49.6in, Sleeves:40cm/15.7in
※Dimensions may vary from those listed above due to the nature of the material used.

●Material: Polyester 34%, Rayon 20%, Acrylic 19%, Wool 17%, Cotton 8%, Nylon 2%
●Print by Quester
●Manufactured by Cam International
●Made in Japan

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