Kimono Sleeve Tops Hanabishi White


※※ Model is 177cm/5’9″ wearing size L ※※
06_L (Length:76cm/29.9in, Shoulders:62cm/24.4in, Chest:124cm/48.8in, Hem:124cm/48.8in, Sleeves:37cm/14.5in)


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Product Description

Kimono sleeve tops with a single collar allow for a more breezy feel. Can be layered over long-sleeves during transition weather and worn alone when the temperatures rise.
・Features Hanabishi komon diamond print on a cotton-linen base, based off of the traditional Japanese floral crests found on clothing and other similar textiles in the past
・Embroidered SOU SOU brand crest on the upper center back
・Pair with SOU SOU bottoms for a modern kimono look
※Due to the nature of the base material used, some minor nepping and fabric skipping may exist.

Care Instructions

※Wash in a mesh laundry bag, cold water and delicate cycle.
※Do not machine tumble dry.
※Do not leave soaking for extended periods as this may cause color to transfer.
※Do not wash with white or light colored garments to avoid color transfer.
※Color may transfer to or from other garments through repeated rubbing contact.
※Iron indirectly with a cloth or towel between the iron and garment.
※Size and shape may change through wash; reshape gently when laying flat or hanging to air dry.


※※ Model is 177cm/5’9″ wearing size L ※※
●Measurement after wash:
04_S (Length:70cm/27.5in, Shoulders:56cm/22.0in, Chest:112cm/44.1in, Hem:112cm/44.1in, Sleeves:32cm/12.6in)
05_M (Length:73cm/28.7in, Shoulders:59cm/23.2in, Chest:118cm/46.4in, Hem:118cm/46.4in, Sleeves:34.5cm/13.5in)
06_L (Length:76cm/29.9in, Shoulders:62cm/24.4in, Chest:124cm/48.8in, Hem:124cm/48.8in, Sleeves:37cm/14.5in)
07_XL (Length:79cm/31.1in, Shoulders:68cm/26.7in, Chest:136cm/53.5in, Hem:136cm/53.5in, Sleeves:39.5cm/15.5in)
※Dimensions are of garment after wash, shrinking approximately 5% in length.
※Size dimensions may vary slightly from those listed above due to the material used.

●Material: Cotton 62%, Linen 38%
●Manufactured by Nui Okada Co.
●Made in Kyoto, Japan

Additional Information


05_M, 06_L, 07_XL

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