Kimono Sleeve Tops with Collar Black Chizimi Cotton


※※ Model is 173cm/5’8″and wearing size L ※※


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Product Description

SOU SOU’s signature kimono sleeve tops now come in Takashima Chizimi Cotton – its absorbency and light weight is great for the summer. It features a doubled kimono collar creating a layered look.

・Double-collar specially designed for SOU SOU San Francisco store; an alternative option to yukata when paired with our fishermans pants
※The print placement will vary due to the nature of the material used.

About Takashima Chizimi Crepe Cotton
・Cotton crepe fabric or “Chizimi” in Japanese, with origins dating far back, was introduced to Japan by Ming dynasty weavers in the Tensho year of the Momoyama period (circa 1573). By strongly twisting the weft yarn during weaving, it produces a material that can retain its shape despite stretching or pulling. 。
・Chizimi is very breathable and effectively absorbs sweat, keeping you feeling fresh and vibrant all day long.
Chizimi crepe cotton is one of Japan’s finest textile exports, and SOU SOU is very proud to offer a wide variety of products made of this versatile fabric.

Care Instructions

※To keep the crepe texture intact, please do not use an iron.
※When washing, please place inside of a mesh laundry bag and wash separately from light colored garments.
※Do not tumble dry.
※Immediately after washing, hang upside down or lay flat to dry and preserve the shape of the garment.
※When wet do not stretch the garment.


※※ Model is 173cm/5’8″and wearing size L ※※

S (Length:67.5cm/26.5in, Shoulders:49cm/19.3in, Chest:98cm/38.5in, Hem:98cm/38.5in, Sleeves:30.5cm/12.0in)
M (Length:70.5cm/27.7in, Shoulders:52cm/20.4in, Chest:104cm/40.9in, Hem:104cm/40.9in, Sleeves:33cm/12.9in)
L (Length:73.5cm/28.9in, Shoulders:55cm/21.6in, Chest:110cm/43.3in, Hem:110cm/43.3in, Sleeves:35.5cm/13.9in)
XL (Length:76.5cm/30.1in, Shoulders:61cm/24.0in, Chest:122cm/48.0in, Hem:122cm/48.0in, Sleeves:38cm/14.9in)
※Size dimensions may vary slightly from those listed above due to the material used.

●Material  100% Takashima Chizimi cotton
●Dye by Murata Dye Co.,Ltd
●Made in Japan

Additional Information


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