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Product Description

A larger size update from our regular Michiyuki bamboo basket bags, this will tote anything from a water bottle to an A4 sized magazine or document folder. The main textile is sturdy Fuji Kinbai (R) No.8 cotton canvas which is still produced in the traditional Japanese technique since 1948. The handles are made of bamboo and genuine cow hide. The tie closure straps are made of Sumiya Co’s Sanada strap, known for its lasting strength.
・Fits A4 size document (210 × 297 millimeters or 8.27 × 11.69 inches)
・Single inner pocket
・Includes a non-removable cover made of Ise cotton to hide the contents of your bag

※The bamboo sections of the bag will have a certain level of natural coloring and impressions that is characteristic of the material used and is not considered a defect.
※Due to the nature of the dye applied to the canvas, color transfer onto other garments or items may occur through repeated contact.
※Due to the hand printing process, minor print overlap or varying color saturation may exist.
※Each piece is hand printed uniquely with no two alike; therefore, print placement will vary and cannot be selected.

Care Instructions

※Due to the nature of the genuine cow hide used for the handles, do not place overly heavy objects in the bag to avoid stretching out the material. Handles will also develop a natural patina through use as characteristic of leather goods.
※Please avoid exposure to moisture such as rain.
※If exposed to rain water, wipe with a dry cloth in gentle patting motions and place in a breezy area to dry naturally (keep bag’s shape with newspaper or some lightweight material). Do not leave damp as color bleeding may occur.
※Some minor color fading is unavoidable with use.
※Do not machine wash.
※Do not machine tumble dry.
※Not water resistant or repellent. Although a water proofing spray may be applied to the canvas portions of the bag at the discretion of the customer, there is no guarantee that this will not change the color of the product and will not guarantee total water safety.


Width: approx.32cm/12.6in, Depth: approx. 8cm/3.1in, Height: approx.23cm/9.0in
Handles: approx.34cm/13.3in
※Due to the individually hand crafted nature of this product, some minor differences in size dimensions may exist.

Main: Cotton Canvas 100% (Fuji Kinbai No.8)
Handles: Bamboo (Takemata Co), Leather (cow hide)
Inner cover: Ise Cotton 100%
●Print by Yahata Print Co., Takeichi Co, Kyobi Print Co.
●Manufactured by Kawamoto Handbags
●Made in Japan

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