Origami Tote Bag Dots and Stripes Red


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Product Description

Our popular medium-sized origami totes are available in a No.11 mid-weight canvas.
・Leather handles
・Medium-sized shoulder bag
・One inner pocket

※Each piece is manufactured uniquely, so no two have the exact same print placement.

※Due to the hand printing process, the print may be uneven due to the material’s natural nepping. This is characteristic of the product material and not a defect.

Care Instructions

※If wet by the rain, please lightly tap the excess water off the surface and place in a breezy, dry location while shaping the bag to its original shape. If left soaking, discoloration can occur.
※Do not machine wash; non-leather portions can be washed by hand or use a dry cleaner that knows how to handle leather/wool materials.
※Do not tumble dry.
※This product has not been treated to be water resistant or water repellent.
※Some discoloration cannot be avoided for leather and other similar natural materials; this is not a defect.
※Some leather fiber may rub off on the underside of the strap, but this is natural and will stop through use.
※Please avoid getting the leather handle wet, as color may drop and cause staining on other surfaces.


Width:~39cm/15.3in, Height:~50cm/19.6in, Depth:~17cm/6.7in
※Dimensions may vary due to the material used.

Main:Cotton 100%(No.11 canvas)
Handles:Leather 100%(cowhide)
●Print by Yahata Co., Takeichi Ltd./Kyobi Printing Co.
●Manufactured by Kawamoto Company
●Made in Japan

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