Shibori Tie Dye Wool Shawl Dots Geranium


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Product Description

Traditional Shibori tie-dye wool shawl that adds the right hint of warmth and style.
・Dyed by Asai Shibori Co. (founded in 1957), using a traditional Arimatsu Narumi Shibori technique that has persisted over 400 years
・Creped texture wool woven in Bishu, Ninomiya – known for their woolen textiles
・Fringe edges

※May have a noticeable scent from the dye used, but poses no harm to health.
※Due to the hand craft process, print placement and color saturation will vary. Specific placement and coloring cannot be selected.
※Each piece may be dyed multiple times to achieve the desired color saturation.
※This item is sensitive to snagging on sharp surfaces and protrusions. Please exercise caution around such surfaces.

Care Instructions

※Wash alone for first few washes. Always wash in a mesh laundry bag, cold water and delicate/”dry clean” cycle with a mild non-bleach detergent.
※Do not hand wash or leave soaking as color may bleed.
※Do not wash with white or light colored garments as color may transfer.
※Color may transfer onto other garments/items through repeated contact.
※Iron indirectly with protective layer between iron and item.
※Size and shape may change slightly through washing; gently reshape and air dry naturally.
※Do not machine tumble dry.

※Due to the nature of the dye processing, color may fade in certain areas after extensive washing and is the natural “aging” of tie-dye products.


●Dimensions: Width (~35cm/13.7in), Length (~130cm/51.1in)
※Dimensions may vary slightly from those listed due to the material used in hand craft process.

●Material: Wool 100%
●Manufactured by Asai Shibori Co.
●Made in Japan