Tabi Socks SO SU U Grey Kanoko Weaving (Ankle)



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Product Description

SOU SOU tabi socks in a kanoko seed stitch weave, produced in Yamatotakada City of the Nara Prefecture, which boasts the largest production of socks in Japan.
Kanoko seed stitch material promotes a breezy quality as the weave minimizes the amount of material making contact with the skin
※Due to the process of weaving by machine, some minor wrinkling of the product may exist. This does not affect the texture of the product.
※Due to the nature of the kanoko seed stitch, the flat measurements of these socks may be more narrow than our other products. However, this does not affect the amount of stretch this product has in comparison.

【Regarding material blend and texture】
This product utilizes No.30 weight cotton thread for the weave of the main body. The toes are blended with nylon for reinforcement. In order to increase the stretchy quality, the underside is mixed with 1% polyurethane. As the printed portions of the sock are knit with avilus (nylon thread), the ratio of cotton and nylon will be dependent of the print design (net percentage is the average ratio used). Depending on the size of the print, the stretch of the sock will fluctuate, but should not affect comfort when worn.
【Regarding shrinkage after wash】
The 1% polyurethane used for the underside of the product will shrink slightly after washing. The avilus (nylon thread) of the print is finer than that of the cotton thread, which may be affected by the polyurethane’s shrinkage. Therefore, socks with larger prints are more susceptible to shrinkage (though this does not affect the stretchy quality of the original product before wash). Due to the difference in prints, sock’s shrinkage will vary.

Care Instructions

※Wash thoroughly, in a mesh laundry bag, cold water & delicate cycle.
※Do not use chlorine bleach.
※Use a mild detergent.
※Do not tumble dry.
※Air dry in the shade with the elastic cuff upwards for the most effective drying.
※If the printed portion is exposed to excessive stretching force by washing machine, threads may become dislodged. Place in a mesh laundry net to protect the product.
※All materials used in the make of this product has been cleared and poses no harm to health.


●Material: Cotton 55%, Nylon 24%, Polyester 20%, Polyurethane 1%
●Size (measure feet in centimeters for best fit):
M/Women/23~25cm fits: US Womens Size 6.5~9
L/Men/25~28cm fits: US Mens Size 7~11 (US Womens Size 9~12)
●Manufactured by Kuwa Meriyasu Co.
●Made in Japan

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